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Nutrients for Life


Health is mathematik, it is about nutrition and including the x-factor, the emotions.

You can think of your body as having a mineral bank account.

The body is demineralizing (taking nutrients from the body) and remineralizing

(adding minerals to the body) every second, depending what you eat and do.


The nutitional bank balance

+  is adding health                                            -  is reducing minerals

mineralrich foods, vegetables, greens,                Nicotin, alkohol, stress (the number 1)

enough sleep, harmonious relationships             sweets, soft drinks, cakes, even fruit juices

moderate sport, fresh air, sunshine for                electrosmog, the use of energy saving lamps

Vitamin D


If you need to fill up your nutritional bank balance look into Greens as Basic.


Avoid Stress!!!


Eat a diet high in Greens, choose a green supplement to use every morning and evening

I am using and working with Greens since more than 20 years. To me the abundance of nutrients

in greens leaves, especially in the Barley and Kamut® Wheat leaves, are the perfect answer to the

needs of our bodies. Full of alkaline minerals, important trace elements, such as boron and chrom

the full spectrum of aminoacids, chlorophyll and phytochemicals fill our thirst for nutrients.

Use essential oils - See also Help for Teeth


If you are living in Europe:

Grüne Lichtkraft will help you fill up your nutritional bank balance

Grüne Lichtkraft is a special blend of Barley and Kamut® Wheat Grass JUICE Powder created during

the writing of my book "Grassaft - Das grüne Lebenselixier" (Grassjuice - The green elixier of life)


If you are living outside Europe:

Barley Grass Juice

Basic - Drink in the morning before breakfast in water (when stirring in fruit juice, the alkaline minerals are used to balance the sugar in the fruit juice and would make it fully into your body) and drink before bed time (that way the enormous amount of nutrients neutralizes acids in the body, for a better sleep and a better health)

Nutritional Shake with Greens = Food Supplement


You want some green powder to put with your fresh greens in your smoothies

--> try Best of Greens


Purim Health Products use the best organic ingredients for their nutritional support.