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Specialising in Healthy Teeth and overall Health in the nutritional field.

Secrets for Healthy Teeth

You will be introduced to many more ways to influence dental health than just visiting you dentist!
You can open the the door to dental health changing the way you are eating!
In this seminar you get practical tipps to a teeth-friendly way of eating, details about the importance of chlorophyll for dental health, food supplements for healthy teeth, practible directly to apply tipps and valuable information how our thinking is influencing our teeth.

Are Healthy Bones and Joints possible with good nutrition?

You have arthritis in the hands, painful bunion, painful feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders or neck?
In this seminar you gain insight into the connection of diet (cause) und pain (result).
Already a small change can make a huge difference! You get practical tipps easy to put into practice which can bring instant results!

Chlorophyll - The Green Elixir of Life

Is there a "missing link" in our way of eating, an important factor, which contributes immense to our health? Since decades scientists are suggesting to include more greens into our daily menus. The nutritional value of green leaves matches in incredible ways ecactly our nutritional needs to have a great health. In the green leaves an abundance of essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids can be found. In this Seminar the author of "Grassaft - das Grüne Lebenselixier" (Grasjuice - the green elixier of life) shares detailed information about the best ways to integrate chlorophyll into your life and show the differences between Green Smoothies, fresh Grass Juices, Graspowders and GrasJUICEpowders.

What do our organs want to tell us?

Emotions have very much influence on our physical health. You know situations where stress, anger or fear caused  physical discomfort. Most physical problems have, without our knowledge, emotional issues as trigger. In this seminar we look at many different levels. Did you know that healthy teeth require a good self-confidence? Bronchitis can have a cold as cause, but could you have guessed that also sadness can be reason for coughs? We go through different organs and areas and talk about the korresponding emotional issues and how the organs can be supported with nutrition and resources from nature.

Happiness, Optimism & Vitality  (Burnout Prevention  - The Natural Solution)

Discover new ways into a bright future. Often, the fact is overlooked that it is essential to feed
the body best possible with valuable nutrients to feel at ease and to be happy. You learn
about the importance of chlorophyll, gain valuable tipps and tricks for body and soul, and hear an abundance of ways to gain quickly more energy and vitality.

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