Language influences dental health?

The way your speak influences your dental health?

You always give too much importance to others und supress your own opinion?

This can have detrimental consequences to your dental health!

Next to the root chakra, which is sustaining all basic structures of the body,

the throat chakra is deciding for dental health.

When testing the chakras in case of dental issues it is common to find the throat chakra with a limited spin.

Why teeth, which are the hardest substances in our body can erode, has often reasons which are far beyond malnutrition and aicidity of the body (which can again have psychological reasons: " Why are you sulky?").

The throat chakra, the center of our voice and communication, is reacting instantatiously to the spoken word. Especially to:

  • Words which are supposed to hurt other, ALWAYS hurt the speaker first! The spin of the throat chakra ist extremely slowed down und can stay in this state for days or even weeks.
  • Untruthfulness - we can pretend to ourselves but we cannot lie to ourselbes - slows down the chrakra.
  • And the ladies classic (also true for men): You really want to say something, it is sooo urgent - but you bite your tongue - because you want to avoid a conflict - not considering that you creating a conflict within yourself! You know "the sound makes the music" - you can say everything it depends on HOW you say it.

And just look at the bible where it says: "You shall love your neighbour AS yourself"

It does not say something about loving others more, it means 50 : 50.

You are JUST AS IMPORTANT AS as the other person!

When testing the chakras I often find the full actication of the throat chakra begins when we take charge of our own power and our own life und let our voice come out of the heart.

A beautiful affirmation from the book"Atlas der Chakren" from Kalashtra Govind:

"I speak the truth and let the words come out of my heart"


With kind regards to your teeth - "In the beginning was the word"
Maria Kageaki