Secrets for Strong Teeth - Dental Health made easy!

There are more ways to improve your dental health than the way to the dentist!

You can already open the door to dental health by yourself through changing the food you eat!

In this seminar you get practical tips and ideas for tooth-friendly nutrition, specialised food supplements to improve dental health and new intellectual approaches to life.

The body is a sensitive, well-balanced, extensive system. All parts of our body, organs, our feelings and our energyfield are in interexchange with each other.

The subject Teeth needs to be looked at from a holistic point of view. I present a wide array of new ideas.


1. The material Level: Minerals & Acid-Alkaline-Balance.

  • The dental health has a lot to do with nutrition - but is is not all about sweets, there are other foods which can be counterproductive
  • The base of a healthy body is the acid-alcaline-balance.
  • If our body is acidic - and who is not acidic nowadays - it takes a whole lot of nutrition, of alkaline substances to neutralize the acids.

2. The psychosomatic point of view

  • Teeth als chewing instrument are at the very beginning of the digestion (also of the "digestion" of emotions)
  • The hardest material in our Body stands for Vitality, Power, Strength and assertiveness
  • How are our teeth affected by always ginging in, accepting humiliation?
  • I show you how to get your power back!

3. The energetic sustainance of the jaw and teeth health- the meridian of the large instestine

  • Do you often carry too heavy? Physically?
  • Do you also carry a heavy weight from others?

4. What to do in acute pain?

5. Dental hygiene

5. Questions and answers

Since many years it is very important to me, as a nutitionist, to be part of a quantum leap in the dental field. The transformation in the classic medicine, which moves since 20 years steadily towards alternative medicine. Now we find next to classic doctors, healers, energetic healers, spiritual healers - a lot of alternative therapists, who ideally have one in common - to help to acitivate the bodys own self healing powers. In the dental field there a some pioneers, who offer natural aproaches to dental treatment and dental hygiene is already taught in kindergarden. But still they do not adress the problem at its roots. You need to go to the source.

In the mass consciousness there are beliefs like "when you age the teeth are falling out - that is the way it is“. Jacket crowns, implants and the like as well as private dental insurances are booming. Most people cannot imagine that there is something beyond classic medicine which helps to improve dental health. Maybe you feel a certain calling to "spread the word".

It is my goal to impart the knowledge which is neccessary to take the responsibility for your dental health in your hands.


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Maria Kageaki


P.S: If you want access to the information now – see the Survivalhandbook for Healthy Teeth: