Personal Consultation

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In Advance of every consultation we require a 3-day Food Protocol in advance which gives insight of the nutritional bank balance. Yes, we are aware, that at least 90 % of our clients are convinced to eat a well balanced diet. Healthy Nutrition is like mathematic. If you want to reach 100 Points, it is impotant to integrate enough valuable building blocks into your Life.

The nutritional requirement for Teeth and Joints are different than for Burnout and Stress Situations.

Your dietary food protocol should look like this:

  • Breakfast - what are you eating and drinking? which fruits? Snack?
  • Lunch - which kinds of vegetables are you eating?
  • Afternoon - Snack!
  • Dinner - which vegetables and so on?
  • Late Night - Snack / Drink?

Also your drinks during the day, medicine and nutritional supplements.


You can arrange your consultation date per email -

The charge for a consultation - if you just want to talk or really look into improving your health issues are 120 Euro per hour.


Privacy Policy:

By submitting your food diary + exact address, you automatically agree to the storage of your data until the purpose has been fulfilled. After invoicing, your personal data except for the address will be deleted.